We provide an low costs bar stage lighting solution for Bar,KTV room. It helps customers quickly establish a stable, reliable, highly integrated, and low-cost lighting platform.It's amzing lighting effect will attrack more clients to consume in your Bar.To adopts our laser lights will increase your Bar impressions.


Before laser lights, all stage lightings in the bar almost all very simple.There is no a new type of lighting equipment for long time.If there is a new type of light equipment can be used in the bar, it will bring us stage lighting reform.

Bar lighting solutions

At present, we focus strictly on bar lighting equipment, which include: Firwors dj laser light,Color dj laser light,Single Color DJ laser light. We provide supporting Bar lightings Installation.We work with our partners to provide cloud solutions to other industries.

Bar lighting has given CASA a strategic opportunity. The industry is currently at a startup stage and every manufacturer is at the same starting block. This is a key strategic moment for CASA's entry into the Bar lighting. Out of all the numerous and complex ideas, final implementation of Bar lighting comes down to firewoks laser light solution and color laser light solution. It also has three major products which include: Fireworks dj laser light,7 color dj laser light,Shake Fireworks dj laser light, etc. CASA has already realized a pretty comprehensive layout for its Bar lighting products and solutions and established a firm and solid foundation for its Bar lighting strategy.