SD card Animation DJ laser Light Driver Schematic

In this case, we Adotps STC12C5A60S2 as MCU. This MCU is 8~12 times faster than a regular single-chip.

Actually our engineer have finished 80%. We abandon to research finally. So We would like to share with you our research and development experience.

SD Card Schematic:
SPI communication because you are using a SD card, SD card slot 8,9 feet were useless, but also through 10K high resistance. CS chip select lines and SCLK clock line, data input lines MOSI, MISO data output lines (input/output as opposed to SD card) four signal wires directly with four in MCU SPI communication pins connected to the four pin 10K through high resistance to 3.3V, SD card meets the level compatible with the MCU principles, you can communicate properly. SD card slot 10 feet and 12 feet are used to detect whether the inserted SD card and the SD card is write-protected, useless.
SD ard


Demo PCB
SD car Laser Software Demo PCB

Board entrance voltage is 15V, directly power a TL084 through 7,805 to 5V, MCU and other chip circuits.

Source Code

*sd_init(void):初始化SD卡,使其进入SPI模式                      *
*入口参数:无                                                    *
*返回参数:uchar                                                 *
*往SD卡发送初始化命令CMD0,CMD1。                     			 *
uchar sd_init(void)
uchar cmd[]={0x40,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x95}; //CMD0
uchar i=0;
//uchar j=1;
for(i=0;i<15;i++) sd_rw(0xff); 

if(sd_cmd(cmd)!=0x01) return 0;	  //等待SD卡正确回应0x01

cmd[0]=0x41;cmd[5]=0xff;    //CMD1
while(sd_cmd(cmd)!=0X00) if( (++i)>200 ) return 0;//等待SD卡正确回应0x00
return 1;

This Board can read ILDA file in SD card,and output data to Scanner.

Below ILDA Laser Lights  adotps this techonology . They are CTL-BY,CTL-HP,CTL-HL.