About stage laser lights

Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theatre, dance, opera and other performance arts.[1] Several different types of stage lighting instruments are used in this discipline.[2] In addition to basic lighting, modern stage lighting can also include special effects, such as lasers and fog machines. People who work on stage lighting are commonly referred to as lighting technicians.

As Christmas/New year is coming

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CASA electronic co., LTD/stage dj laser lights

Hello Nightclub Owners, Investors, and General Managers,

My name is Sherry and I am the of sales manager CASA electronic co., LTD. We have been around since 2007. We manufacture all of our laser projectors and software right here in China. Most of our employees are ILDA members and one is the technical supervisor of ILDA (International Laser Display Assoc.). We consult with nightclub owners as to what laser light show system is right for their space and take them through the legal process in a quick and reliable fashion.

I am starting this thread because from my experience it seems like there is a very large disconnect between a nightclub owner understanding the difference between the full capabilities of a integrated laser light show system and a cheap 5mW laser light show system.

I will start the ball rolling with the following question…What to you makes laser light shows systems less appealing than say LED lights? Or what part of laser light show systems discourages you from purchasing? (Price,Lack of Knowledge, Legalities)

I will reply to all comments, and answer all questions


Sherry Lin
CASA electronic co., LTD

Laser CASA Light Show Systems

Welcome to the internet home of Laser CASA Light Show Systems. For over twenty years, LaserCASA has proven its position as a leader in professional laser entertainment, laser show equipment design, manufacturing, maintenance and related services for a large number of clients in a variety of industries. Located in south of China,Laser CASA delivers cutting-edge laser show technology throughout the United States

LaserCASA’s Production Department goes the extra mile in providing a top-quality program on-time and within budget. We can provide a complete, turn-key laser show production, including storyboarding, sound, lighting and projection screen design. The laser light show is controlled by our proprietary, automated show control system which can script and control the entire production, from multiple laser projector activity to the control of a venue’s lighting, special effects and fog systems.


Are DJ and Disco lasers safe?

There are very clear regulations imposed by the government that ban dangerous lasers. Electromarket have DJ lasers that follow strict health and safety rules, which includes the use of internal filters that protect from laser hazards. All of our DJ lasers are safe as long as you avoid direct eye exposure of the beam and fix the laser light at least 3 metres away from your audience. If used with a fog machine, the smoke will decrease the danger and will make an astounding effect as the laser visibility will be enhanced.

*Plase note that buying unreliable lasers that lack filters, give off dangerous levels of infrared. So, it is worth investing in a laser from a reliable equipment store.


What colours and effects are there?

The standard available colours are REDGREEN and BLUE. We also have purple lasers and full colour lasers including those that create yellow, gold and orange. Green is most popular because it looks brighter to the human eye at low laser power than the other colours and therefore looks most effective.

There are many effects that lasers can create. This includes beam lasers, the tunnel effect, the fireworks effect, animation lasers, hoop lasers, the firefly effect, cluster lasers, the full vivid colour effect and laser scanners. All of which can be chosen to be sound controlled.


Where can I use lasers and how do I install them?

DJ and Disco lasers are very popular in nightclubs, raves, bars, Discos and even home venues, as long as the space is correlated with the laser power and wavelength of the light. So the bigger the space the more laser power and wavelength it is safe to use.

The best place to install a DJ laser light is above the audience so that it is visible by everyone. Ekho lighting stands are perfect for this, keeping the lasers at around 3 metres away from the audience in order to keep them safe from the laser rays.


Do lasers need maintenance?

To maintain your laser lights just keep the body balanced during use, clean the lens with a suitable lens cloth after every use and hoover the fan to get rid of built-up dust.

fashion dj laser lights

DJ laser lights are fancy, trendy lights that utilize lasers and other effects for a special visual performance.

Usually, at a DJ party, there are lot of DJ laser lights, a lot of loud, thumping music, and a lot of people dancing.

The laser lighting is generally either set up to pulse with the music, or set up on some kind of a pre-programmed sequence to fire when they are supposed to.

These types of sequences can be programmed using a computer, or can sometimes be configured using a controller.

DJ laser lighting is perfect for parties, concerts, dances, clubs, raves, and many other scenarios involving any one of the above, but they do not come for free. If you are interested in buying DJ lights, then you will have to shop around for the best price, which is almost always found online.

Laser lights come in a wide assortment of different types and styles, but often you need more than one of a kind to make a full fledged light show. Here are some guidelines to remember when shopping for DJ laser lights.

First of all, how big of a room are you going to have to light up? Do you need to light the whole room with a laser light show, or just the stage? Will you need to have enough for big venues as well as for small venues? Are the laser lights going to stay in the same room, or do they have to be mobile?


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